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FX Series


History in the making: We started with unparalleled top-end speed, control and handling capabilities other manufacturers only dream of and then made it better. We partnered with Yamaha on a historic hull design almost 2 years in the making. For the first time in history, a boat has been designed to perform with the characteristics of a specific engine, the all new YAMAHA VMAX® SHO™. Amazing hole shot. Increased top end speed. Faster lift. This boat has it all. Check out all the details at




This IS the ultimate bass boat Series. The way it moves across the water, you’ll think you’re on the back stretch at Talledega®. And the way it looks—well, just watch everyone on the lake watching you. It’s got all the electronics on it you could want and performance that’ll keep the hairs on your arm standing at attention. Open it up and open up your soul. View Details.


ZX Series


When you’re tournament ready, the ZX Series is, too. These boats know you’ve got ground to cover and fish to find. So we gave them all the muscle and attitude you need to run hard, from put-in to weigh-in. And since we thought you wouldn’t mind a little style and the latest technology, we added them, too. The result? Boats that like to chase the big ones as much as you do. View Details.


SL Series


Runs like a bass boat, but it’s got all the family fun of a ski boat. This high-end series is the perfect compromise, with loads of fishing features. Enjoy wakeboarding? Tubing? Feeling a 6-lb. largemouth on the end of your line? You can do all those in this Fish & Ski line. Go skiing one weekend with the family, then go fishing with a buddy the next. View Details.

Deep-V Series



A hardcore boat for hardcore anglers. Like walleye and big water? We’ve got you covered. Casting for smallmouth? Yep. Going after lake trout or stripers? This is the boat that’s built tough enough to take you where the big fish are and bring you back with the boxes full. If you’re competitive, so is this boat. View Details.